360 Selfie Philippines

For your big event, take your guests on a different level with the newest Interactive Augmented Reality Photobooth in the Philippines— the 360 Selfie (360 Camera) only from Waveplay!

Enrique Gil – Grips 360 Selfie (360 Camera Experience)

Selfies have become an integral part of life for most of us. With social media as way to express ourselves, posting the best content on our personal social media pages is something a lot of Filipino netizens take effort to do. So how do we propagate our grand in social media by giving the consumers exactly what they want– a SUPER LEVELED UP SELFIE?

360 Selfie is the answer! With a “swabe”, dramatic 360 degree capture of your consumers, you can customize each and every experience with the power of augmented reality to feature your brand messaging and objectives! Your event guests can now take a selfie that moves and features their best side on all angles.


So, don’t just snap one, make one! And with the best augmented reality services in the Philippines by Waveplay Interactive, make one that will leave others in envy of your immersively creative activities and make your event the event everyone will want to be in!

Here are some other samples of our great work with the first ever 360 selfie in the Philippines:


Anne Curtis – Swatch 360 Selfie

Matteo Guidicelli – Swatch 360 Selfie

Anne Curtis and Matteo Guidicelli – Swatch 360 Selfie