5 Simple but Effective Marketing Tips for Your Business

By | August 2nd, 2018|Blog|

Business competitions have become tougher in the Philippines because of the accessibility of the latest technological innovations. Every business has its presence on social media [...]

GlamShot: The Next Advertising Trend in the Philippines

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Brand competition these days is not limited to print ads, TV, and radio anymore. If you let your business rely solely on these traditional advertising [...]

360 Selfie Videobooth: Why Brands Can’t Get Enough of It

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Below the line campaigns across the Philippines are all the rage these days, hosting brand events left and right to promote their latest products and [...]

360 Selfie Videobooth and Wall Alive (Interactive Wall) During the Globe x Avengers: Infinity War’s Philippines Premiere Night

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Avengers: Infinity War is the  all-kinds-of-awesome as the heroes of Marvel Cinematic Universe finally face Thanos, a powerful titan warlord who intends to gather the [...]

The Perks of Having 360 Selfie on Your Big Event

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Photobooths has become a staple in almost every party today, and it’s no surprise since not only they are affordable, they provide your guests with [...]

Waveplay Interactive Inc. in Globe Wanderland 2018

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The excitement of meeting new people that has the same vibes and state of minds, like yours. The awesome thing about music festivals, such as, [...]

Level up your business via Interactive Technology

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Innovative approaches in business are always a big deal. Finding newer approaches on attracting more customers are always challenging, but reinventing your brand should never [...]

How to Outdo Yourself this 2018

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One worry a lot creative clients share is the question, “How do we outdo our performance from 2017?” By keeping (and exceeding) the quality of [...]

5 Sure Ways to Make the Best “Before the End of the Year with Augmented Reality” in the Philippines

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The year is almost at its end but there are still plenty of ways on how you can really milk 2017 and use it to [...]

Bringing Your Events to Life with Sketch to Life

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Bringing something two dimensional and making it alive is nothing new since you can get to see cartoon characters and animated series on TV and [...]