How to Captivate Your Audience with Wall Alive

The game has changed nowadays when it comes to event marketing. It is no longer enough to hand out flyers, leaflets and play videos on [...]

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Glam Up Your Event with GlamShot Infinity

Have you heard about the latest craze in social media right now? The Mega Equality Ball held earlier this month was a night of glitz [...]

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Interactive Ideas for Successful Advertising Campaigns

Interactive experiences have penetrated almost all aspects of the lives of consumers and has helped in the advertising campaigns of many profitable companies. The following [...]

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Do More and Be More with Interactive Augmented Reality Photo Booths

An important rule in marketing and advertising is to create a meaningful content for your audience and you can do this with the help of [...]

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Top Reasons Your Business NEEDS to Host an Interactive Event ASAP

If you may have noticed these days, different brands make it a point to host a marketing event that allows their guests to experience their [...]

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Different Types of Interactive Events to Suit Every Party

What makes a party successful these days? It’s no longer just the food or the motif or the venue, and yes, it’s not even the [...]

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Glam Up Your Party with Waveplay Interactive’s Latest Offerings!

Making memories is one of the most important part of every extravaganza. It’s because you organized the event for the people close to your heart-and [...]

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Bringing Memories to Life with Waveplay Interactive

Ever since its inception, Waveplay Interactive has been revolutionizing the way events should be celebrated, thanks to its array of interactive setups. Whether you are [...]

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How to Use Wall Alive in Your Next Corporate Event

You’re in charge of organizing your company’s upcoming corporate event.  Of course, you are expected to create a celebration that’s totally unique but at the [...]

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Headshot Revolution: Do It with Specs Effects

We Pinoys love having our photos taken –may it be via selfies or photo booths. We even tend to glam up in our ID photos! [...]

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