Below the line campaigns across the Philippines are all the rage these days, hosting brand events left and right to promote their latest products and services. And if you’ve been an avid follower of brands, advertisers, and their latest gimmicks for events, you’ll definitely notice the new trend that’s sweeping events and occasions: augmented reality, interactive motion games, photo booths, and video booths.

These days, brands make their event activities more interactive and engaging to their target audiences through custom made, branded interactive experiences. This is because it is through interaction that people get to know more about the brands they subscribe to. To complete the experience, this is where 360 Selfie Video Booth Philippines comes in.

360 Selfie is the first to introduce the 360 Videobooth in the Philippines, one that produces a fully custom made TVC-like video output using a platform with a spincamera. Guests get a copy on the spot. But why a 360 Selfie Video booth and not just the regular photobooth? Here are the reasons why it’s a must have for event organizers:

  1. It captures moments, not just one second.

When in photobooths you have a split-second of you captured and put to print, in a 360 Selfie Video Booth, your actions are also immortalized. You become more alive in your 360 Selfies because your movements-from the way you dance and smile, are all taken, in 360 degrees. This makes the experience more unique, as you are seen not only taking a moment with the brand, but actually enjoying it.

This is very important for brands because these days, user experience is the primary mode of promotion, and with a good user involvement, the better the brand becomes to its market.

  1. A 360-look is not an everyday thing.

Another value of the 360 Selfie Video Booth is that it is not a common experience. People can take selfies anytime, at any place, but they don’t get the output they do from our 360 Selfie. The curiosity and the craving to get this rare experience is very magnetizing, and brands can grant their customers this privilege.

Of course, who wouldn’t be tempted to have a 360 Selfie?

  1. Ideal for both individuals and groups.

The videobooth makes the “barkada” experience more memorable. Hence, brands provide the 360 Selfie Videobooth to give groups a few seconds of their lives sharing the fun and excitement together by standing and getting quirky on the booth. This proves to be valuable especially when a brand campaign targets not just individual customers, but families, and big groups too.

  1. Our 360 Selfie has well-conceptualized high quality animated effects.

When you get your 360 Selfie, it’s not just a mere video: it includes the brand’s well-conceptualized animated brand exposure. Each of our 360 Selfie projects are meticulously brainstormed so not one looks similar to the other, as each brand and messaging is different.

  1. These 360 Selfies can be showcased to the rest of the world.

With the quality of our 360 Selfie work, social media audiences have mistaken it for an actual TV commercial. Imagine having your guests post their 360 Selfies featuring your brand and them becoming your ambassador to their social circle. The mileage your brand gets is tremendous!


360 Selfie is the pioneer, and is the choice of the world’s largest brands. Experience is key, and this is what 360 Selfie Philippines is giving to brands in their marketing campaigns. With the right experience savored by the public, the easier it would be for them to transform their audiences into loyal buying customers.