The year is almost at its end but there are still plenty of ways on how you can really milk 2017 and use it to your best advantage. And because there are a lot of ideas being thrown around, it pays to streamline, dissect, and focus on those that actually work with maximum impact. Luckily, Waveplay Interactive has got you covered in this aspect.

Waveplay Interactive has been at the forefront of creating and developing the best interactive services like augmented reality in the Philippines that can really set the bar high for anyone who can utilize it to the fullest. Anyone can use Waveplay Interactive’s wide range of technologies and services to their advantage; all it needs is creativity to go along with it. But where do you start?

Augmented Reality Motion Games

Gone are the days of the usual classic parlor games. Our Augmented Reality games are the upgrades we just need to take things up a notch. Motion activated games have been seen plenty around the metro, mainly inside the arcade sites of some malls. But Waveplay does it from scratch to showcase your brand, your messaging, and your campaign.

With the use of the best augmented reality in the Philippines, we have created games that are really great crowd pleasers. Communicate your brand’s message effectively by making your guests a part of the activity, making the experience highly dynamic, and very memorable.

You’ve probably heard about it and saw it on social media and yes, it’s that fun! Imagine watching your guests line up to get a shot at one of the trendiest interactive 360 Booths and immersive media in the Philippines. The setup is easy. A subject (between one to four pax) will just stand on a platform with a camera revolving around it, shooting a 360 Selfie.

Each 360 Selfie execution we create for our clients are tailor-made, fully customized to their needs, so no two 360 Selfies for different events are the same. This technology allows you to fully customize it to the max. With the first and best 360 Selfie in the Philippines on your events, becoming viral is just a selfie away.

Wall Alive

Wall Alive is the result of infusing a wall with the augmented reality technology in the Philippines. It’s a great foyer highlight and a sure entertainer for your events.  You can utilize the Wall Alive interactive wall’s highly customizable service to create the best storytelling experience possible. Just check the several samples below and see how they’re created specifically for each objective.


Digital Puppetry

Speaking of storytellers, one of the best storytelling services we have on our roster is the Digital Puppetry. Much like a puppet, it moves and talks as if it’s a real human being but without the fabric and the hand controlling it. It’s a computer-generated image (CGI) that does the job for you. Imagine your mascot as the Digital Puppet of your event, responding and interactive Live with the guests.

This is a great crowd pleaser, especially for brands planning school visits as a great entertainment for the kids. The crowd will surely be amazed at the level of “magic” used.

Sketch to Life

Writing messages or doodling on a piece of paper is fun and all but let’s go a step further and bring those masterpieces to life? That is the magic of Sketch to Life, Waveplay Interactive’s premier interactive sketch that breathes life into your pen works. This is a much-needed upgrade from your regular guestbook or commitment ceremony.

This is also a great way to entertain your guests as a surprise. Pass around or give out a sheet of paper to your guests and have them doodle or write a message or a shout out – anything that could relate to the event, be it a birthday party, a branding or marketing one. Once collected, just have them scanned by our team and watch the screen as the once lifeless pieces of paper come to life. You can even have drawings move and wave back at you. Cool right?

Plus the whole set-up is totally customizable, much like the 360 Selfie, Digital Puppetry, and Wall Alive. From the graphics to the transitions, the music, and even the effects, you can realize your intangible ideas make them real.

Excited? So are we. Let’s talk and do something creative!