You have probably heard about Wall Alive—how it made Queen Elizabeth’s birthday last year more elegant by showcasing Great Britain’s impact on the world’s literature and overall global history. The interactive display toured the audience into the nation’s influential journey through a more alive and engaging storytelling—thanks to the interactive wall display.

Moreover, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation also took advantage of using custom Wall Alive in reminiscing their history and highlighting the organization’s contribution in promoting freedom in its 60 years of operation. This event turned out to be a big success, and the light-dependent installation played a big role in it.

Why Interactive Wall

Big personalities and organizations are starting to discover the effectiveness of interactive display in catching the attention of their target audience, presenting their contributions, and creating a bigger impact. No wonder, many companies are starting to step into this rising trend for better marketing innovation.

In addition, the popularity of interactive multimedia walls among museums, hospitals, and other modern buildings is creating a new industry standard. This means that soon, interactive walls be a usual sight in the corporate world. The question is, “are you going to be the last to adopt this trend?”

If you are asking whether your business should pursue Wall Alive or not, then check out how your brand can benefit from interactive displays.

1. It is a total marketing package.
This is a combination of audio, animation, photos, video, and text—all in one interactive multimedia display.

2. It is attention-grabbing.
If your company is looking for a new way to advertise your product or service, then nothing can be more head-turning than interactive walls. Who would not be drawn to the visually appealing multimedia walls? No more boring walls in the lobby!

3. It is fun and interactive.
There is no better way of telling the story of your brand than using interactive walls. With just one touch, the displays will come alive and just take your audience into the story without boring them.
4. It can instill passion in the viewers.

If you want a marketing tool that can create an effective call to action, then nothing beats an interactive display. Just like how films can better affect the audience than other media since they appeal to the different senses, this installation has more impact on the audience.

5. It can educate and inform in an interesting way

Since it is interactive, engaging, and attractive, this can be an effective marketing tool. You can keep your audience engaged until the end. Therefore, there is a greater chance of the content being absorbed and retained in the viewers’ mind.

Wall Alive and More

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