Custom Motion Game
Leaving a brand imprint on your target market has become a bigger challenge these days, mainly because everyone is looking for something new, something engaging, and out of the box.

One definite objective all brands want to fulfill is build user-based experiences. If that’s what you want for an advertising strategy, then you should definitely look into the world of branded Kinect games.

Our branded Kinect games are sensor-based games that foster physical activity for the player/s on an augmented reality environment, and this makes the experience more real from an end user’s perspective.

Waveplay Interactive is provides the most options of interactive event executions in the Philippines, one of which includes custom made branded Kinect games.This approach provides businesses of different niches to leverage their advertising reach, as they not only get to connect, but more importantly engage, with local audiences and give them the kind the brand experience that they want to establish.

We also have other services like Waveplay Group Motion Gaming, touch screen games and touchscreen rentals, interactive floor projections,  augmented reality executions, and a wide array of interactive photobooth,  and so much more, all these tailor made for your event objective! Give us a call at 5060617 or 09175411516.