Ever since its inception, Waveplay Interactive has been revolutionizing the way events should be celebrated, thanks to its array of interactive setups. Whether you are hosting a party or organizing a brand extravaganza, it is through Waveplay that memories are not just taken and kept, but most importantly, brought to life.

But how does Waveplay exactly do it? Check out its latest works that may come in handy in your upcoming celebration:

  1. Motion Games

Among the most popular setups of Waveplay today are its motion games. They’ve become perfect in brand launches and events because they give people an experience of the brand itself either via a historical journey or a game by just moving their arms and legs.

Some of these installations are the Hit the Sale Throw Wall at SM Fairview and the Shop ‘Til You Drop Motion Game in SM City Cebu. These interactive wall games have not only been entertaining, but they also gave their audiences the physical experience of enjoying their brand.

  1. Wall Power!

Another popular work of Waveplay is its interactive wall. Rather than use a mere wall for an exhibit, Waveyplay has transformed this space into an interactive setup where audiences can go through a brand’s historical journey, or play a brand game right on the spot. Through motion sensors, certain parts of the prescribed walls activate and move to showcase a new feature for users to discover.

Some of these interactive walls can be found on Unicef’s anniversary party, as well as Mountain Dew’s interactive wall climbing game, and Metfone Cambodia’s Wall Alive.

  1. Picture picture!

We all love having our photos taken at the best way possible, and Waveplay has made all our glam shot fantasies come to life. Just take for example their staple 360 Selfie, where you are shot at a full 360-degree angle!

These days Waveplay also offers Holo Foto, where headshots are printed on a magnetic Polaroid paper that comes with a hologram filter, so you can change images with just a tilt of the print. They also have Glam Shot where you get to pose in the most fabulous moving backdrops. Just see how these worked in the Stargazer event, Globe x Marvel Holo GIF, and Phoenix Pulse 360 Selfie.

  1. AR Games

Of course, who would forget about Waveplay’s signature augmented reality games? These AR games have become a favorite among brands, as they use these to engage with their audiences from all walks of life. Just see how it worked in Promil’s Nurture the Future Wall and Metfone Cambodia’s AR Experience.