Bringing something two dimensional and making it alive is nothing new since you can get to see cartoon characters and animated series on TV and the big screen. But creating one for your own based on your personal creativity and see it come to life on the spot, then that is what Sketch to Life is all about!

This new concept of this sketch attraction merges the crowds’ creativity and the powerful technology of Sketch to Life. Compared to the way we usually do our special messages before where we just simply write on pieces of paper handed out to us, Sketch to Life allows you to watch your message or sketches come to life on a big screen – floating, interacting, and living – as a visual masterpiece. Imagine having this awesome interactive sketch installation live on your wedding?!

What about on your kids’ birthday? Wouldn’t it be fun to have your kid and his guests color or create their personal character on paper? Then, once they’re done, simply watch their faces light up with amazement and joy seeing their 2D friends come to life. True, a mascot could be a great party favor, but getting your very own drawing come to life right before your eyes through this sketch attraction is something most kids would never forget!

This interactive sketch marvel has more than what’s meet the eye. Sketch to Life is a fully customizable experience. From the theme, the feel, the background, to the templates used, the music, the sketch/write on, and even the animations used in the overall experience are customizable. The only limit there is the imagination.

You would not find one dull moment with Sketch to Life on front and center. Who would actually feel left out when everyone’s sketches and messages are living?!