What makes a party successful these days? It’s no longer just the food or the motif or the venue, and yes, it’s not even the performers hired to grace the event. It’s about experience. This is because your guests crave for an experience that they will never forget, experience that they can cherish and brag on their social media accounts.

But how do you give your guests an experience of a lifetime? Through interactive events (Philippines).

Interactive events and games in the Philippines are becoming more and more popular due to the perks they offer. They can be custom-designed, installed a strategic areas of the venue, and be controlled by digital means, such as motion and touch. They also catch the attention of your guests in a snap.

There are a lot of interactive Philippines activities these days, and among them are:

  • Fun tech (Philippines) games. These games are created not only to offer guests a good time, but to bring them into augmented reality virtual environments. These games can be manipulated via motion sensor, and may consist of individual or group participants. Such games can be very entertaining because they play with the participants’ senses, and they get to use their hand creative movements to win as well.

(Embed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFGEXlPCFiE)


  • 360-degree photo video booths or 360 Selfie Slo Mo. Another popular form of interactive Philippines setups are 360-degree photo video booths. Instead of the regular photo booth, audiences are made to stand a custom-made pulpit to have a custom branded video of them taken with a 360-degree spin of the camera. Yes, they are shot at all sides, and they can use this as a post on their Facebook or Instagram accounts, making them instant brand ambassadors for your event. The sample below is 360 Selfie Slo Mo — a 360 video booth shot in slow motion, inspired by GlamBot from the Grammy’s.

(Embed https://vimeo.com/330411545)


  • Holographic glam shots or Holo Foto Lenticular photos. Since you are hosting a party, you may as well give your guests a truly unforgettable memento through the Holo Foto lenticular photos. Such amazing never before seen photo experiences are available through interactive suppliers Philippines such as Waveplay Interactive or 360 Selfie, and these are perfect during family reunions, soirees, or celebrations. This is because two images are infused in one paper, the actual photo and a hologram picture of a brand or label that’s hosting the party.

(Embed https://vimeo.com/291855518)


  • Digital wall games. Meanwhile, if you intend to give your guests a chance to win special goodies or have fun getting to know the cause of the party, then let them take part in digital wall games. These interactive digital events (Philippines) can be used as a side attraction, where guests can tinker with them using a special app or the motion of their hands (or even pressing interactive buttons on the wall)

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