Making memories is one of the most important part of every extravaganza. It’s because you organized the event for the people close to your heart-and make them enjoy every moment of it. But while the moments pass, it’s also important that you all get to keep a piece of it in your memory.

But why just stay content with photos and videos? You can actually glam it up a notch thanks to Waveplay Interactive’s latest deals! Check them out:

  1. 360 Selfie

Now the most popular installation in parties and corporate events, the 360 Selfie allows you and your guests to have moving selfies of themselves in a 360-degree scale! Yes, the whole of you is taken in one continuous shot, and you can showcase your best pose to bring out your best angles to play.

It also works best on small groups too!

  1. Holo Foto

One of the newest installments of Waveplay Interactive is the Holo Foto. You may think that this is just another regular photo booth, but once your shot is taken, it is printed in a specially-customized magnetic Polaroid paper with a hologram filter, so once you move your photo in another angle, another image will appear!

This works best if you want to put a custom watermark on your photos, but not get in the way of the shots themselves. It’s also a very cool feature especially when you are promoting a brand or business and would want your audiences to have a sleek but fancy souvenir.

  1. Glam Shot

Studio photos are part of every Pinoy’s growing up years, so why not relive it on your event? But instead of having an impromptu photo studio, why not use Waveplay’s Glam Shot installation instead?

The first in the Philippines, Glam Shot is a video booth that offers a wide array of brandable, customizable moving glamor backdrops where your guests can strike a pose and move around as they please. Once their shots are taken, these are set on your prescribed backdrops with special effects which they can immediately share on their social media accounts!

  1. AR Games

Meanwhile, if you are hosting a more interactive party with a lot of physical games in tow, then do it with AR games! Waveplay offers augmented reality setups where game backdrops are brought to life as your guests play. They not only play to win a prize, but to enjoy the experience as well.

  1. Sketch to Life.

Finally, if you intend to showcase an interactive exhibit of artworks and sketches made by your guests, then do it with Sketch to Life. Let them draw and color their artworks and have these scanned and projected on screen in real time.