One worry a lot creative clients share is the question, “How do we outdo our performance from 2017?” By keeping (and exceeding) the quality of your output, you can become an image of reliability –  that you can deliver what is expected of you. Then, while you do that, sparks of inspiration from that thrill of finding something better than what you have done will slowly ignite and shine a light on the next big idea.


Uniqueness is a factor that becomes harder and harder each year. With people always looking for something new, the pool of unique ideas may seem to shrink but that doesn’t mean you should stop thinking of new ways to utilize everything in your arsenal to make something that nobody has ever thought off. This is also a great way to collaborate with your supplier to get more heads into the project.


If you are somewhat having a hard time squeezing those creative juices, take a page from your previous books. Scan through your past projects and check if there are things that you could have done better and try to see how you can best implement it now. Take augmented reality in the Philippines for example. It’s a general technology that can be used in countless ways, perfectly suited for your brand.


Another way to tackle this hurdle is to take two complimenting ideas and merge them. The best example is Waveplay’s Wall Alive installation at the Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings Asia (Bangkok, September 2017). Because Wall Alive is highly customizable, we decided to merge it with our Chromaless Photobooth that utilizes the best augmented reality in the Philippines (see video below). While Wall Alive initiated the contact with the curious audience with its interactive wall interface, the photobooth delivered the lasting punch by having their photos taken with the Philippine scape as the background. Plus, the photos were printed moments after the interaction happened.



For photobooth or videobooth attractions, the perfect answer to this is the 360 Selfie. 360 Selfie has been all around social media and for a good reason at that. Versatile and customizable, you can definitely make this your own unique 360 booth installation. Just check out how these 360 Selfies are all different, showcasing the individual look and feel of their respective events.






Check out more 360 Selfie works at our IG account: @360SelfiePH


A good first impression is dependent on how memorable the moment is and how perfect it was. It’s personality can vary from so mething very whimsical to nostalgic, something fun and interactive to something that can tease the brain. This targets the emotional centers of the brain by invoking a certain emotion. By invoking the emotions of your guests, you can be sure that the moment sticks and recall is easy. This is highly effective when it comes to projects that requires the audience to be part of the moment. Take our augmented reality games for example.




These games are easy to use so the guests won’t have to focus too much on what to do and instead focus what the moment can offer them.


A first impression should really last if it’s a good one. So go and make one!