You’re in charge of organizing your company’s upcoming corporate event.  Of course, you are expected to create a celebration that’s totally unique but at the same time meaningful than that of the previous parties. But while in the past there were games, performances, and great food, how else can you top it off?

Well, you can use this perfect game-changer: Wall Alive.

You need not rely on just the fancy lights, decorations, and music in your event. You can also make your walls come to life with this new offering from Waveplay Interactive. In Wall Alive, you can turn your wall into a highly interactive space where guests can control its features at their whim.

How do you use Wall Alive in your next corporate event? Here are some ways:

  1. Interactive Timeline

You can turn your boring wall into an interactive timeline by using Wall Alive’s customizable features. If you check what UNICEF did in their most recent event, they turned a dedicated space to serve as their timeline map, where guests can tap certain parts of the wall for trivia tidbits to appear. This way, you go beyond showcasing your company history and highlights –you make your guests check these out for themselves (and enjoy the experience) too.

  1. Maps brought to life!

Another way in which you can use Wall Alive in your coming event is by having it set up as a map where guests can find their way by simply tapping dedicated parts of the wall. This works best especially when you have puzzle games in store for your guests to play.

  1. Share the experience of your brand the virtual way.

There are times when you have to show your audiences how your brand works. However, video and live demonstrations don’t always do the trick. Through Wall Alive, your guests may now experience how your brand’s products and services work, the virtual way.

You can have your wall custom-designed so that they can tap buttons to activate animated versions of your products and services, and from there they’d see how exactly do you deliver the things you offer to your clients. Remember, these days, loyal customers buy the experience more than anything else!

  1. Use it as interactive photo booth!

People love photo booths! So why not let them enjoy your brand’s offerings and get an instant souvenir too? Just check how Globe promoted Avengers in their events by letting their guests tap into their Wall Alive to get to know the Avengers characters –and get a photo with them too!

So why settle for ordinary, when you can breathe life into your party? Do it with Wall Alive!