Innovative approaches in business are always a big deal. Finding newer approaches on attracting more customers are always challenging, but reinventing your brand should never stop because the marketplace is now even more digitized.


At Waveplay Interactive, we bring you the most ingenious and effective interactive strategies that draw more customers to your business. Our Interactive Motion Gaming and Augmented Reality Marketing services come in different approaches, and this is the breakthrough your business will need to level up your competencies in this fast-paced market.


For instance, Valentine’s Day would be a great opportunity to introduce your brand to the market. Try the 360 Selfie, a photo booth with a creative twist. This is one of the most effective interactive augmented reality events’ activities in the Philippines. No one can say no to a selfie, especially if combined with augmented reality in the Philippines and the smooth 360 movement of the 360 Selfie bot. It is customizable so it will suit your brand. This will surely catch a lot of attention and make the experiences unforgettable. It can be a good photographic experience for couples on Valentine’s which will truly leave a lasting impression.


Another exciting interactive activity is the Motion-Activated Vendo. It is a fully customizable and automated vendo that dispenses products when a consumer successfully completes the objective of the custom-made interactive game or activity, making it an experiential device. This is a great way to advertise your product to the consumer, especially couples who want to have an unforgettable and innovative experience.


Advertising should never be dull and boring. Our team at Waveplay continues to bring the newest breakthroughs to level up our interactive services, and with it the success of our clients’ events.


Also check out some of our other new services — Wall Alive, Sketch to Life, and the Interactive Photo Mural. Apart from our listed services in the site, we can also help you create a super custom experience based on your brand’s campaign.