Looking for unique ideas that can make your Christmas celebration more exciting and memorable? Do you love to keep up with trends and want to make sure that your party will not be left behind when it comes to novelty and glamour?

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and this means parties and reunions all December. Now, if you are the organizer of your office’s upcoming Christmas Party, what can you do to make it more special than last year’s?

One of the gimmicks you can have for this year’s celebration is setting up GlamShot videobooth. This rising trend will not only make your party more millennial, but it will make your event impossible to forget. Photobooth is obsolete and ordinary videobooth is already common, but augmented reality videobooth is the newest craze that you should let your guests experience.

GlamShot Videobooth

What Makes GlamShot Special

So, what makes GlamShot a better shot than the normal videobooth? Developed by Waveplay Interactive, this new interactive event experience has more advanced features that everyone will truly enjoy. It keeps memories alive and fun by its fascinating high-tech effects.

GlamShot does not only offer moving selfies to your guests. They come with customized backgrounds that could make their fantasies a reality for a moment. They would surely enjoy a clip of themselves posing and highlighting their best angles like their favorite stars.

This special videobooth is now one of the must-haves in celebrity events too. 360 Selfie is not the center of attraction in their parties anymore—it is GlamShot now—that is why your own party must have it too.

Yes, this GlamShot idea may come in a higher price than the normal videobooth, but the cost is nothing compared to the experience it would give your guests. If you want to give them the best party and memories of it, then this choice is definitely within your budget.

A Merrier Holiday

If the event you are organizing is your own family reunion, then all the more that you should invest in GlamShot videobooth. This occasion happens only once a year, and sometimes it even takes more time to get together, depending on the availability and resources of everyone. Since this is a very special moment not to be missed, look for ways to keep the memories more alive.

Christmas is the season much awaited by many because it is the time when families and friends are gathered after a long time of being away from each other. Having a groufie GlamShot clip with them would really be worth it.

What are you waiting for? Contact Waveplay Interactive today to have your GlamShot reservation for Christmas. Do it while you can since more many others are discovering this digital innovation too, and more are desiring to have this in their own parties.

Wow your guests with your out-of-the-box party ideas. For more interactive and advanced event experiences, feel free to check out the other services offered by Waveplay Interactive. You may find other trends that can establish your career as an event organizer.