Photobooths are a must have at any event in our lives. Pictures serve as our physical reminder of the fun times we have with our loved ones. No Christmas, New Year, birthday and what have you would be complete without hearing the click and flash of a camera. But, there are also times when there are missing people in a picture that we wished were with us posing and wearing the sweetest smile.

This space is filled in by Waveplay’s Photobomb. The service, one of the many interactive photobooths of Waveplay Interactive, is an augmented reality photobooth instead of the regular point and shoot one.

With the use of augmented reality technology, you can now be part of a fictional but realistic scenario or take your photo with anybody in the world, which makes it perfect for brands with endorsers.

For agencies organizing a marketing event, you could have all your guests posed – smiling or wacky – together with your brand ambassador, create wacky augmented reality (AR) scenarios with your products or have your guests interact with custom-made AR effects. Your event activity will surely be very interactive!

For soon to be married couples, this can also be a great way to take photos with everybody without having to do it tediously per guest! Plus, you can both have the photo as prints and soft copies for social media sharing.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now. Ask us about all our wide array of interactive photobooth services and let’s start making happier, better and more memorable and interactive photos!







Hole in the wall photobooth


Roleplay photobooth – Want to be a doctor? No problem! Be whoever you want to be.