Arts and crafts are all the rage these days. You can see folks from all walks of life painting, sketching, and doing things that trigger their creative side. It’s getting a lot of following, so why not have something that brings out the art in your guests in your upcoming event? After all, people appreciate the experience, so why not give them one that they’d never forget?

You can do this by using Sketch to Life!

Waveplay Interactive’s latest feature, Sketch to Life is an interactive setup where your guests are not only able to enjoy an interactive moment in your event, they get to take big role in bringing it to life as well. How so? Check out these custom setup ideas:

  1. Interactive exhibits.

Sketch to Life has a specially-designed setup that scans drawn sketches from paper to digital format and projects these in an animated show of your choice or design. This works best in parties when you want your guests to get busy working on their masterpieces by giving them some art materials and asking them to sketch away.

Once they come up with drawings and artworks, they can have these scanned and showcased on a big screen alongside your chosen animated setup. Works best children’s parties, as well as parties for the young at heart.

  1. Digital guest book.

Guest books are important in every momentous event, such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and all occasions that are worth remembering. And of course, you want your guests to have their presence recognized, and instead of keeping their dedications on your guest book, have them draw and scan these for an impromptu AVP later during the party?

Digital guest books are starting to get rave reviews nowadays, as celebrants get to see well-wishers in an instant, making their parties more memorable and meaningful.

  1. Motion walls.

If you want to host games in your event, then this is a good way to do just that. You can make use of a motion wall that features moving blurbs of your guests sketches and one-liners during a guessing game until one or a team comes out a winner. This can be very exciting because the audiences get to see the answers to the questions on real time and cheer, jeer, and even coach their favorite players for them to win.

  1. Interactive graffiti wall.

You may also make use of Sketch to Life as an interactive motion wall that serves as a backdrop to a guest show. Just check out how Unicef made use of this in their 70th Anniversary as part of Gary V’s performance. Simple, yet very touching!