How to Use Wall Alive in Your Next Corporate Event

You’re in charge of organizing your company’s upcoming corporate event.  Of course, you are expected to create a celebration that’s totally unique but at the [...]

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Headshot Revolution: Do It with Specs Effects

We Pinoys love having our photos taken –may it be via selfies or photo booths. We even tend to glam up in our ID photos! [...]

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Make Your Party Artsy with Sketch to Life!

Arts and crafts are all the rage these days. You can see folks from all walks of life painting, sketching, and doing things that trigger [...]

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Top Reasons Holo Foto Makes the Best Party Memories Ever

Photo booths have become passé these days, especially during parties. Why? It’s simply because they all do the same thing: you pose in front of [...]

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Discover Glamshot 360

Media is on a paradigm shift and not keeping up with the new technology can have a detrimental effect on your business. As a general [...]

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Capture Moments with 360 Selfie Philippines

Not only do we, Filipinos, love taking selfies but we also love sharing them through social media. In fact, the number of internet users in [...]

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5 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit Interactive Wall Displays

You have probably heard about Wall Alive—how it made Queen Elizabeth’s birthday last year more elegant by showcasing Great Britain’s impact on the world’s literature [...]

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Make Your Event Come Alive with Wall Alive

Are you looking for a brilliantly modern idea to promote your brand’s event? Do you want your company’s product or service launch to be elegantly [...]

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Make Christmas Parties Alive with GlamShot

Looking for unique ideas that can make your Christmas celebration more exciting and memorable? Do you love to keep up with trends and want to [...]

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Why You’d Love Interactive Climbing Wall to be Your Sport

If wall climbing has been your thing for years, then surely you know how effective this sport is in boosting your stamina and building the [...]

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