Which events do AR games work best?

Augmented reality (AR) games are now being sought after by various clients, due to their ability to bring together audiences for an interactive gathering without [...]

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5 Simple but Effective Marketing Tips for Your Business

Business competitions have become tougher in the Philippines because of the accessibility of the latest technological innovations. Every business has its presence on social media [...]

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Globe x Asia Pop Comic Con 2018 x 180 Selfie Videobooth

Big names, small names and vendors of all kinds! Asia Pop Comic-Con 2018 is one of those events that we can call "the great levelers." [...]

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Top Ways to Utilize AR Games

Augmented reality (AR) games are hitting the buzz these days because of their mix of interactive and virtual gaming, and audiences from all walks of [...]

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GlamShot: The Next Advertising Trend in the Philippines

Brand competition these days is not limited to print ads, TV, and radio anymore. If you let your business rely solely on these traditional advertising [...]

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360 Selfie Videobooth: Why Brands Can’t Get Enough of It

Below the line campaigns across the Philippines are all the rage these days, hosting brand events left and right to promote their latest products and [...]

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360 Selfie Videobooth and Wall Alive (Interactive Wall) During the Globe x Avengers: Infinity War’s Philippines Premiere Night

Avengers: Infinity War is the  all-kinds-of-awesome as the heroes of Marvel Cinematic Universe finally face Thanos, a powerful titan warlord who intends to gather the [...]

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The Perks of Having 360 Selfie on Your Big Event

Photobooths has become a staple in almost every party today, and it’s no surprise since not only they are affordable, they provide your guests with [...]

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Waveplay Interactive Inc. in Globe Wanderland 2018

The excitement of meeting new people that has the same vibes and state of minds, like yours. The awesome thing about music festivals, such as, [...]

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Level up your business via Interactive Technology

Innovative approaches in business are always a big deal. Finding newer approaches on attracting more customers are always challenging, but reinventing your brand should never [...]

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