Digital photobooths are all the rage these days, and that’s because they are suited for every kind of occasion. They are wanted in corporate events, activations, weddings, birthdays, and even the simplest types of happenings you may encounter. They are new and more interactive than the usual basic photobooths, so they give occasions an added pizzazz.

But what about using a touch screen photobooth, the type that can be controlled by people who want to have their pictures taken? This is definitely a big step forward from the conventional photobooth setup, since it’s the users themselves who do the task of having their photo taken.

Below are several reasons as to why touch screen photobooths rock!

  1. Self triggered capture- In this era of selfies, everyone wants to take control on how they have their photos taken. Friends want to pose at their own pace so everyone looks their best in their photos.
  2. Good for sharing. Unlike the regular basic photobooths in the Philippines where your photo is printed in hard copy, touch screen photobooths allow you to also save digital formats of your shots and send them via email. And yes, you can also share these via Facebook for an instant status update.
  3. Customizable interface and design. Touch screen photobooth interface and frame design can be customzied. Just check out what Nike and Viber did for their touch screen photobooth setups-with a tailor-fitted interface design based on their campaign, they were able to get more customers not only trying out their products, but also share memories with them through the photobooth. Add-on features may include videos, doodles, stickers, animations, and games, depending on client preferences.
  4. Always the attention-grabber. Lastly, if you’re managing a brand and would like to attract immediate attention especially when you’re holding an event or in-store, then a touch screen photobooth does the trick. With this kind of photobooth present, you are able to garner more visitors to your activity. At the end of the day, you not only established brand recall through your photobooth, you also gave your audience a chance to build memories with your brand.
  5. Mobile Setup. Touch screen photobooths are more space savvy for small event spaces, thus it’s a good option as an interactive activity, but for small booth setups.