Photobooths has become a staple in almost every party today, and it’s no surprise since not only they are affordable, they provide your guests with instant output. Just pose in front of the camera and wear some funny props, and in a matter of minutes you have your photo printed out.

Sure, it’s really fun to have your pictures taken in a photobooth, but admit it: this has become utterly boring. When you’re organizing a rather big and momentous event, you wouldn’t want to use some ordinary setup, right? Well, if you’re looking for an entirely different way to enjoy the perks of a photobooth, then it’s best to invest on 360 Selfie, Waveplay Interactive’s latest and most popular offer today.

360 Selfie rolls the traditional features of a photobooth and that of a full-circle into one interactive setup, complete with effects and styles that will definitely give your guests a great time while in it. All they have to do is get into the booth where a 360-degree camera will take a revolving shot, and then produce a quick video of your guests. They can then pose and do their movies to create a wackier clip, which they can then share on their respective social media accounts, right on the spot.
Among the perks of 360-Selfie are:

1. It highlights the best of your event.

What’s the best part of your event? It’s not the party itself, but the smiles and the vibe of your guests having fun. While these can be captured in snapshots, 360 Selfie breathes new air by showing how lively the people in your event are. They get to showcase their happiest moments on the booth and have these captured on video instead, which they can relive over and over.

2. Your guests have something fun to play with.

They don’t just have to stand and pose like statues while waiting for the shutter to click. Rather, your guests are able to dance, twirl and move like they’re partying on the dancefloor while these moments are captured on the booth. And yes, the 360 Selfie can accommodate a number of people in it, so they can do a group selfie each time they’re in it.

3. Complete with AR features.

360 Selfie also comes with highly interactive augmented reality effects which can be added to the video once it is captured, so you can come up with unique styles for each clip. Your guests may choose a theme or stick to a custom AR theme intended for your party.
These AR add-ons bring more life to your video selfies, as they highlight the smiles of your guests through their designs.

4. Easy, instant sharing.

Rather than have selfies printed, the 360 Selfie offers the instant sharing option to your guests. So whenever a selfie clip is completed, this can be shared on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, and your guests can also use these as their profile videos.

5. Easy setup.

Who says 360 Selfie is difficult to assemble? It can actually be set up in a matter of minutes depending on the chosen part of the venue in which it will be positioned. You don’t have to worry about it becoming a white elephant in your party; in fact, it’s the one setup that will bring your event to life.

Waveplay Interactive is the pioneer in providing AR interactive setups in the Philippines, and it is also among the first to bring 360 Selfie to Filipino audiences. So what are you waiting for? Take your event to the next level with 360 Selfie and make it the most memorable extravaganza your guests would ever experience!