Interactive technology, for example augmented reality in the Philippines, has really soared higher and gone a long way ever since it was first introduced in the country. Now, there are many who claim to have mastered this gigantic beast brimming with marketing potential. But at Waveplay, we grow with it. And with that growth, we have created some pretty amazing stuff that you would surely hate to miss. Here’s why:

Wall Alive

With Waveplay, even a wall can become the highlight at your event. Imagine a foyer blocked by a white wall that then comes to life with a single touch. That’s the essence of this interactive wall. Wall Alive allows you to visually stimulate your crowd through the sense of touch and hearing. The more your guests interact with the wall through touching different panels, the more curious they become about the entire picture.

This multisensory installation also allows you to showcase your brand’s message, history, goals, and what have you. It’s basically like a giant storybook. This is also perfect for wedding, birthdays, and other commemorative events that demand a story to be told, a tale as told as time.

Sketch to Life

Bring your scribbles, messages, and anything in between to life with Sketch to Life. With the use of interactive technology, you and your guests can see your works on paper move, dazzle, amaze, and live right in front of your eyes. This is also a great upgrade to your usual guestbook and commitment murals because your guest can freely use their imagination and creativity in making a masterpiece on this sketch attraction rather than just writing it on a typical guestbook.

Imagine seeing a cascade of well wishes and love notes on your wedding day. You can also use this as a great segment on your kid’s birthday. The possibilities of this interactive sketch are endless.

360 Selfie

Waveplay’s 360 Selfie in the Philippines is probably the best thing that has ever happened to a selfie so far. This combines the best augmented reality in the Philippines, the smooth transitions of a camera moving in 360, and your best angles to make one stunning 360 Selfie.

Totally customizable and absolutely viral-worthy, your guests will surely line up for this interactive photobooth, waiting and probably practicing their moves on how to show off their best angles.
Waveplay’s augmented reality in the Philippines is still evolving; growing, improving, and it will not stop. So you can be assured that you will always see something new with us. Contact us now!