Augmented reality (AR) games are hitting the buzz these days because of their mix of interactive and virtual gaming, and audiences from all walks of life often enjoy playing them. Besides, who wouldn’t find true enjoying in playing in a different environment without having to leave the very place they’re standing in?

AR games are often seen in today’s game shows, but they can also be used in live events. If you are looking for a way to spice up your upcoming event, then having AR games on board will definitely do the trick.

School AR Games

So how do you utilize the perks of AR games? If you are planning to invest in an AR game for your event, then here are some tips:

  1. Who is your audience?

One of the ways to prep for an AR game is by identifying your audience. If your audience would more of the formal, corporate types, then you would want games that would be subtler in terms of movement but still provide interactivity and fun.

On the other hand, you may opt for more interactive games when you are catering to a bigger, mass audience, as they are more into movement-based games without feeling awkward.

  1. Make your games easy to understand.

When setting up AR games, be sure to pick games that are easy to follow and understand. This is very important because your players would be receiving instructions right on the spot, and AR games are mostly new to them. You may then do a demo through the app itself for your participants to watch, and then let them do a demo round first before actually hitting the game properly.

  1. Add creative styles to the game.

When choosing or creating AR games for your event, it is also a must that you adorn it with designs and colorful AR themes. This is not only to increase the aesthetic value of the game but because your audiences are after eye candy. The graphic installations would entice them to play more and savor every round because their eyes are continuously entertained.

Aside from graphic designs, if you can incorporate equally interactive sound effects and musical backgrounds so that your audiences would feel like they are in a different reality while in the middle of the game.

  1. Provide a wide game space.

AR games require a wide floor space to ensure that players are able to move with ease and not feel cramped. You may want to set up the floor of your event venue in such a way that it can be used for these games prior to the event itself. And to ensure that everyone gets to see the game, provide a wide-screen projector too.

  1. Safe for kids.

AR games are also starting to invade children’s parties, so if you’re hosting a game for children then make it a point to ensure that the games you provide are safe for them. Allow them to play in a dedicated setup wherein they are not prone to accidents or getting hurt as the interaction with other players may expose them to hits and bumps.

AR games are definitely fun and engaging, and they are very useful in bringing audiences together. By having these games on board, you are able to make your guests get to know each other, make teams out of individual players, and give them all a good time.

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