The excitement of meeting new people that has the same vibes and state of minds, like yours. The awesome thing about music festivals, such as, Globe Wanderland, is that you get to be surrounded by people who have that contagious positive energy all throughout the event. It is also an opportunity to explore new food, to dance your soul out, and to learn new cultures. Globe Wanderland exhibits all these three qualities that will surely make your soul satisfied.

You get to try new things. It was also one of the perfect avenues to explore new activities, such as the cool and trendy 360 Selfie. With this, you get to flaunt your outfit and capture your cheerful vibes in 360 degrees. The cool thing about this is that you can also have a copy of your own 360 Selfie video and have the liberty to repost it in your social media accounts and share it to your friends and family.

Another cool activity to participate during Globe Wanderland was the Sketch to Life, where you can lay your creativity on a paper, have it scanned, watch your artistic views come to life on the big screen, and just share good vibrations to everyone.

One of the insanely trendy recreations in Globe Wanderland is the Wall Alive (Interactive Wall). It has already paved its way in helping wanderers get introduced to a substantial information about each of the performers through a plain wall that comes to life. Plus, an interactive photo booth comes in to make sure that the fun and festivity is captured during the event.

Music festivals are a perfect mix of chill and impulse. Globe Wanderland is one of best avenues where you can have the time to chill during the calmer sets and groove or dance during the eccentric sets.