If wall climbing has been your thing for years, then surely you know how effective this sport is in boosting your stamina and building the muscles. This also challenges the mind to persevere and develop strategies that can take you way up higher. No wonder many are loving this sport.

Now, if you want a new flavor in playing your favorite game, then you should not miss interactive climbing wall. This brings wall climbing into a higher level of fun, challenges, and excitement.

What is Interactive Climbing Wall?

In case you have not heard about it yet, interactive climbing wall is an innovation from the normal wall climbing sport. This is an augmented game that has originally come from Finland—and is now in the Philippines—thanks to Waveplay Interactive.

This game combines body tracking and projected graphics in order to come up with exercise applications and different interactive games. These games and graphics allow the players to have fun interactively while their bodies are challenged to move a lot and their minds to work strategically.

This augmented reality climbing is very visual so those who are watching around will be entertained too. Also, its games and graphics can maximize the wall’s capacity, that is why it does not matter if the wall you play on is small or big. You can enjoy it all the same.  

Why Love It

There are many reasons why you will love interactive climbing wall. You can invite your family and friends to join you in discovering this game. Here are the reasons why you will definitely enjoy it:

  1. It is more fun than ordinary wall climbing.

Playing augmented wall climbing is like playing twister vertically. You get to twist your body here and there just to achieve the goals of the different interactive games it offers. There are different challenges, puzzles, and other exercise games that you can play with your friends.

  1. It will help you to be a better climber.

If it is your desire to be a professional wall climber, then this game will help you become one. interactive climbing wall is suitable to any age and skill level, so playing this is a good and entertaining way to train. The different routes and challenges will help you familiarize with the strategies needed to complete the game, and your body will improve endurance while in the process.

  1. It can help you overcome fear of heights.

If you have acrophobia, or the fear of heights, then interactive climbing wall can help you overcome it little by little. It may not be easy in the beginning, but with determination and consistency, this game will help you go above your fear by focusing on reaching higher on the wall with the aid of the entertaining challenges.

Check it out

When you get to play this game, you will surely find more reasons to enjoy interactive climbing wall. So, bring your athletic self into the millennial era. Find out more about this and other augmented games at Waveplay Interactive.