floor projection

Who says walls and ceilings are the only parts of the space that can be brought to life?

At Waveplay Interactive, even the very floors we step on can be brought to a whole new level by means of interactive floor projection. Creative light, design, and motion projections are given an entirely different appeal when setting on the floor, and this is because we get to interact with the floor space more than the walls or ceilings. Unlike other types of projection exhibits, floor projections make the experience almost real-like the floor itself is alive.

Interactive floor projections have become highly popular these days, both locally and internationally. Just a few years ago these projections were used merely to entertain spectators with their glowing lights and catchy animations, but thanks to developing technologies, floor projections can now do so much more.

So what can you expect with interactive floor projections in Waveplay Interactive?

  • Custom 2D and 3D floor projection design. Waveplay Interactive offers custom-made 2D and 3D animated floor projection designs depending on your brand message, as well as the theme on which the projection will be used.
  • From motion detecting animated floors to interactive floor games. Some clients only want a lively floor carpet, while others want to give a digital splash on their favourite floor games. You can choose either, or even do both!

The interactive floor projection exhibits of Waveplay Interactive You can call it your own since it bears your custom concept, and at the same time it serves your intended purpose to entertain, educate, and to interact with your crowd.