When trying to reach new customers and clients, apart from traditional media, companies have been engaging below the line with their consumers through events and activations. The goal is to their attention. Do you really want to use something so common? Would you settle for something that could be forgotten?

In the Philippines, digital advertising is effectively making its mark. Here at Waveplay Interactive, we are bringing to the Philippines creative advertising options that can get people to participate in the campaign itself! What better way to get people to remember your product than to give them a unique interactive experience with your brand.

We have been providing in the Philippines advertising technology for sales rallies, corporate events, trade events, festivals, conferences, booth activities, foyer activities, school tours, mall tours, and more… with each interactive gimmick, custom made to each event.


Advergaming is something unique we’ve brought to the advertising technology Philippine market. The basic idea is that we help conceptualize, create, and mount interactive activities for your events based on your objective and the message you want to communicate. We have many different services from Waveplay group motion gaming, sound games, augmented reality, custom Kinect games, TouchScreen Games and TouchScreen rentals, Digital Puppetry, to our wide range of interactive photobooths. If you also have an interactive concept in mind but you’re not sure who can do it, let’s talk and I’m confident we could help you bridge that idea to its execution!





Everyone who sees your event will be buzzing, thinking about how unique and memorable their experience was. It’ll spread the word like wildfire about your product and your company, and how innovative you all are!