Sometimes, the traditional options just don’t cut it. Sometimes you have to make a big impact and the only way to do that is with a truly innovative option. With so much new technology popping up what seems like every day, and with the already available options so interesting, it’s no wonder that one of the best ways to capture an audience nowadays are through witty interactive gimmicks. With Waveplay Interactive, you now have a whole myriad of new possibilities that you can make your own in order to stand out.

At Waveplay Interactive, we specialize in conceptualizing interactive ideas and executing them for your events from Waveplay group motion gaming, touch screen games, sound games, augmented reality, custom Kinect games, Digital Puppetry, to our wide range of interactive photobooths.

Waveplay Group Motion Gaming

If you’re looking at a group motion game you can use for sales rallies or booth events with high foot traffic, then you will love our Waveplay group motion gaming. As leaders in what we call AdverGaming (Advertising + Gaming) here in the Philippines, we are excited to open the market of interactive team gaming.

Get Kinect-Ed With A Kinect Games Developer

The video above is an example of a custom Kinect game we created to catch the attention of students and in a recruitment campaign.. in a fun way. We can help conceptualize and design a game for your campaign that will completely enthrall your consumers. Have them interact and participate using their bodies as the controllers… Our team of kinect games developers is knowledgeable in the many ways this technology can be used. So don’t worry, we aren’t going to just follow some template and insert your name in the blanks. We’ll come up with a game that is tailored to you!

Augmented Reality Philippines

Technology today has given us ways to transport our senses into a new universe with things like Augmented Reality programs, and the way players are integrated into the game now makes things even more immersive!

Touch Screen Games

We believe that one of the creative advertising stunts in the Philippines is to get people involved, get people interested, and best of all let people have fun – all while getting your message across.

You could even just be hosting an event and just want your guests to have a blast of a time, it doesn’t change the fact that our interactive gaming will be an experience that won’t be soon forgotten. Have people enjoy, as a group or individually, a program that’s made especially for them!