How to start your 2018 with Augmented Reality in the Philippines?

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Innovation has always been a part of the whole process of mankind’s growth throughout the years. From simple lifestyle in the olden times up to [...]

The Magic That is Wall Alive

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Wall Alive is one of the newest additions to Waveplay Interactive's line of services. Though it can be simply put as a wall that comes [...]

Making a Statement with Waveplay’s Digital Puppetry

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Making a statement for your event is a must if you want to effectively capture the attention of your guests. There are many ways you [...]

Why Getting Waveplay’s 360 Selfie is the Way to Go

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Make better memories and amplify your event’s exposure on social media with the one-of-a-kind 360 Selfie Philippines by Waveplay's 360 Selfie. Waveplay's 360 Selfie is [...]

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Waveplay’s Immersive Media in the Philippines

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Immersive media in the Philippines is a growing trend among events and brands. This is because the medium allows a person to fully experience the [...]

Bringing Summer to Your Event with Augmented Reality in the Philippines

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Summer is officially here! And just because it's summer doesn't mean the fun stops for your events. In fact, with Waveplay's augmented reality executions in [...]

How to Stay True to Your Brand with Virtual Reality in the Philippines without Being Left Behind

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Staying true to your brand is an effective way to market yourself. But these days, people want to go digital for their events! So what [...]