Not only do we, Filipinos, love taking selfies but we also love sharing them through social media. In fact, the number of internet users in the country hit 67 million people last year. Further data states that the Philippines topped in terms of social media usage in a list of 40 countries. Undeniably, social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach prospects and costumers. Your costumers are interacting with brands through different social media platforms and you surely are missing out a great deal if you do not interact with them through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

At 360 Selfie Philippines by Waveplay Interactive Inc., we bring you the trendiest and most innovative way to increase your social media mileage. Your costumers become your own ambassadors and at the same time, we offer you effective and interactive strategies to draw more audience and costumers to your brand.

360 Selfie

What better way to attract costumers than to offer them exciting ways of capturing moments that make traditional photo booths pale in comparison. The 360 Selfie Video Booth is the next big thing in events. It involves a camera that revolve around a subject and creates a smooth TVC-like output which is fully customizable. The 360 Selfie Video Booth will definitely add a wow factor to your event as guests and costumers would always want to experience new things.

Who can say no to an interactive selfie booth? Glamshot by 360 Selfie Philippines is a major upgrade in taking selfies. It is an exciting videobooth that allows guests to take photos of themselves or with their squad in glamorous, moving kaleidoscope shots. Glamshot is the latest craze on social media that will surely make moments for your guests unforgettable.

Remember looking at a photo and tilting it to an angle where it transitions to reveal another image? Guess what, you can now create your own holographic photo. Holo Foto by 360 Selfie Philippines offers yet again proved that taking your photographs should never be boring. It offers your guests photo souvenirs that will surely remind them how fun your event was.

The good thing about our offers is that not only do we give you and your guests a one-of-a-kind experience but also offer your guests an instant sharing option. They can then share their photos through their own social media accounts. Your event have reached millions of audience and your social media presence has catapulted before you know it.