Are you looking for a brilliantly modern idea to promote your brand’s event? Do you want your company’s product or service launch to be elegantly memorable that your prospective clients would be certainly hooked to it? Either of these, the newest interactive display technology will surely accomplish your target goal.

The newest marketing craze that you should not miss is no other than Wall Alive. This interactive wall is one of the newest from Waveplay Interactive. It is designed to make any event magical by its storytelling feature powered by light that can make memories come alive.

Get Your Event a Royal Touch

This Wall Alive trend is already a royal thing. Last June, it was used to presenting Great Britain’s greatest contributions to global history during the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. The installation really captured the attention of the guests, helping them appreciate more of the nation’s milestones. This modern way of storytelling was made more spectacular by its interactive feature since the crowd could go around and make the wall come alive by their magical touch.

If the royalties believe in the power of Wall Alive to create awareness for their audience, then it means this interactive display innovation has the potential to be the next biggest marketing tool. Therefore, before your competitors discover this, you better use Wall Alive for your next company event.

How Wall Alive Works

So, what is special about this interactive wall? How can it help you win your target audience? What are its exceptional features?

This technological innovation was created by Waveplay Interactive. This new installation will not only entertain your guests but will also convey your brand’s message in a more meaningful way. This product has the power to tell your story magically with the use of audio and visual or light effects that appeal much to the audience’ senses.

Moreover, it allows interaction through activation by the sense of touch. Your guests will enjoy witnessing your brand’s story as they activate this interactive display by touching it. This allows them to travel back in time, go to places they have never been into, or experience moments they could never see in real life.

Aside from its interactive features, there is a lot that can be done to make Wall Alive fit your brand needs. First of all, you customize its layout and even the effects of your event’s aesthetic demands. The touch points and interactive elements can also be adjusted to make the experience better.
Wall Alive
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Put your target clients under a spell in your next brand event with the magic of Wall Alive. It will surely leave them an unforgettable experience that will get them attached to your product or service. This is one of the best marketing strategies you can come up with this new year.
What are you waiting for? Call or message us at Waveplay Interactive today for your Wall Alive installation. You may also check out our other interactive services to find out the best products for your future activities.