Making a statement for your event is a must if you want to effectively capture the attention of your guests. There are many ways you can do that. You can try product displays or giving out samples. But here at Waveplay Interactive, we believe that harnessing the attention grabbing power of going digital in Philippine events is the best way to go.

An example is our fun Digital Puppet technology, a custom-made 3D digital puppet that seamlessly interacts with the crowd. Inspired by the 3D puppet attractions of world-class theme parks, this utilizes the best interactive technology in the country. With its set animations and controlled live by Waveplay staff according to how the preferred voice actor speaks, the digital puppet is able to interact with the audience as if the puppet itself is the one talking to them. This makes the digital puppet a great way liven up your brand mascot and it works perfectly on school and education tours, capturing the audience with the magic. It’s also perfect in telling your brand story and even history, educating the audience on what you want to impart.

You can even use the digital puppet to greet people as they pass by, enticing the curiosity of the crowd and making them interact with it. The experience brought by this experiential media is unique, making the recall of the event more effective and the more unique the experience, the better the chance for it to go viral on social media.

The possibilities are endless with Waveplay’s Digital Puppetry. All you need is us and your awesome ideas. Contact us now!