Wall Alive is one of the newest additions to Waveplay Interactive’s line of services. Though it can be simply put as a wall that comes alive with a single touch, it is beyond that just your run-of-the-mill event attraction. By far, it is one of the most enticing and effective marketing and entertainment installation that is sure to pack a punch to your guests. With a single touch, the Wall Alive interactive wall comes alive and starts you on a journey through all the wall can offer. You can transport anyone to anywhere or tell them a story in a way that even famed storytellers would envy, or educate them about your brand.

Wall Alive is a storyteller. More than just the ordinary, Wall Alive does storytelling much better, with more finesse and effectivity because it combines 3 effective stimuli – visual, audio, and interaction – allowing for a more in-depth immersion of the user once the wall is activated. Check out the installation (see video below) we did during Queen Elizabeth’s birthday last June. Instead of the usual audio/visual (A/V) presentation about the innovations of Great Britain where the crowd would just settle on their seats, we gave the audience a much closer look to the nation’s greatest international contributions to history, literature, and the like.

(insert Queen Elizabeth’s birthday video  here)

The guests took turns on touching the wall, activating it and telling a story for them to witness. It captured the magnificence of the British rule while entertaining everyone. Now, imagine a gathering, say a marketing event, featuring your brand, front and center. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Wall Alive is captivating. The effectivity of a marketing tool relies on one single requirement – it should be able to stop a crowd on its tracks. No matter what it can offer a crowd, if it’s not able to entice the curiosity of anyone to stop, come closer and take a look, it would all be for nothing; of which is not in the case for Wall Alive. Be it a birthday, wedding, or a marketing stint, any event goer would surely stop, look, and listen – or in this case watch. The recently held Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings Asia in Bangkok, Thailand featured our #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Wall Alive Technology. Just check out the multitude of people stopping by the Philippines booth to experience what the country has to offer with a single touch.

(insert #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Wall Alive video here)

Wall Alive is more than just a wall of wonders. Not only can it deliver a great marketing punch to your crowd, your event would surely be a knockout with everyone with these interactive wall features.

  • You can customize the layout to fit your aesthetic needs, as well as your brand identity.
  • You can customize your effects – from the beeps to the boops, the flashes and blinks. We can add other interactive features, such that we are not limited to only touch based interactions. Also, you can pick how the wall interacts with the user once activated – from the transition to the movement of the elements on the wall.
  • You can customize the touch points. You can have minimum elements to touch or add more, depending on your needs. But it’s a pretty big wall so it will give you a good room to wiggle in some great points of interest.
  • You can add a photobooth feature than can take a picture of your guests with a chosen background (or their chosen background) and have it printed in just moments. A great example is the one right above.
  • You can also add some pretty neat stuff like a souvenir giveaways, motion detection, and even data gathering. This is great for those events where you want to know the voice of your market.
  • You can customize the wall fabrication, the size, as well as the interactive wall’s header.

This Wall Alive interactive wall can really make your dreams and creativity into something concrete and tangible. No matter what you require for your event, Wall Alive can deliver it to you perfectly and more. All it needs is a good sit down and concept analysis.

For some extra help, here are some few awesome tips on maximizing Wall Alive for your events:

  • Decide on the final concept. Though anything is possible with Wall Alive, it would much better and the flow much smoother if the concept has been finalized. You can tweak parts, edit, and what have you but at least the general sense of the installation is final. This would create a better output rather than starting all over again.
  • Add direction or a flow to your wall and not just a mere touch and play moment. Think of ways to feature your product or story more than just mere touches. So, get creative.
  • Make it simple and memorable. Make sure that the story you’re trying to tell or the experience you want to give stays and sticks in the mind of your user. This is a great avenue for your user to tell their peers and excite them and so on and so forth. This is basically, ‘How to Go Viral 101.’

Wall Alive is definitely one for the books. Keep the hype up on your events and become even more viral with this awesome experiential media and interactive wall. Without a doubt, you’re event will be the talk of the town forever.

So, talk to us!