Immersive media in the Philippines is a growing trend among events and brands. This is because the medium allows a person to fully experience the moment, creating a lasting impression, making any brand last in one’s memory longer, which makes it a very effective form of  marketing. And Waveplay is one of the best in immersive media in the Philippines. Here are just some reasons:


Tailor Made

All augmented reality games, interactive displays, and interactive photo or video booth activities created by Waveplay Interactive are unique because it is the result of the close collaboration between us and the team that hires us. This results to different outcomes. Sketch to Life is one example.


Sketch to Life, as what its name implies, brings sketches into animations which creates a wonderful living mural. This activity is fully customizable from the look, backgrounds, sketch templates, and animations. In the case of our client’s sample above, their objective was to have all the guests participate in a commitment ceremony and have their commitments come to life as beautiful, dreamy lanterns across the cityscape.


Crowd Interaction

Waveplay’s immersive media is one of the best experiential media in the Philippines. Take the Digital Puppet for example. This is the same Immersive media used by world class theme parks to create interaction between well-loved characters and the captive audience, real time! In the Philippines, a similar technology has also been used in select prestigious innovative centers to entertain the kids. So you can just imagine the great possibilities of having the the Digital Puppet technology feature your very own brand mascot, talk to consumers in real time! It can be used for activations in educational institutions, conventions, and malls. Digital Puppet is a great tool in telling your brand’s story while attracting more onlookers as you go.



Waveplay has been in the scene of experiential media in the Philippines for quite some time now and have created a strong following of brands that trust our outputs. We are highly involved from the conception to execution as we are prepared to setup at your events, even for multiple setups or simultaneous runs!


Waveplay Interactive is your go to guy for immersive media in the Philippines. Give us a call at 5060617 and let’s talk about your best project yet!