Photo booths have become passé these days, especially during parties. Why? It’s simply because they all do the same thing: you pose in front of a backdrop and get your headshot taken. Afterwards you get a print of your photo, just like they do at the studio. Well, while it’s important to make memories of your party, it can be boring in the long run.

So why not add more fun to the usual photo ops in your party? Better yet, make it interactive with Holo Foto!

One of the newest additions to the 360 Selfie menu, Holo Foto offers a fresh way to make memories in every party and extravaganza. How so? Check these out:

  1. You get a custom Polaroid print.

Polaroid prints are all the rage these days. They not only bring back the retro vibe, but they also showcase an intimate side of life. And yes, they are always sought after in every party these days, and you can get all the shots that you want if you have Holo Foto on board.

  1. It’s a photo and a hologram in one print!

Another unique feature of Holo Foto is that it can combine two photos in one print via a hologram feature! This is definitely awesome, not to mention cost-efficient, since you combine two unique shots in one print and have them move around depending on the way the print is tilted. This is a very cool way to do photo ops as your shots come to life depending on how they are seen.

  1. Make your brand matter!

Another reason Holo Foto is a must have in your event is because you can use it to promote your brand. Instead of having two unique shots on the same print, you can use your brand’s insignia instead, so that when tilted, the photo will show a different image, such as your brand logo or motto.

This is a great way to promote your products and services as well, as your audiences get to keep a memento of your brand in one shot.

  1. The perfect souvenir.

Holo Foto proves to be the perfect party giveaway because your guests get to keep their photos and have your brand embedded on the print at the same time. And who knows, holograms may become a thing of the past again, and these shots will definitely turn out to be rare collectibles in the future!