Augmented reality (AR) games are now being sought after by various clients, due to their ability to bring together audiences for an interactive gathering without getting bored. If you may notice, event organizers are starting to inject AR games in their activities, as these not only require minimal supervision but more importantly give audiences from different walks of life a really good time.

AR Games

But how exactly can you make good use of AR games? Are they suited for all sorts of events and occasions? If you are planning to include an AR game setup for your upcoming events and parties, then here are some things to look at:

  1. Big parties.

AR games are the best during big parties. While not all of your guests would join the fun, you give them the option to play a game at their convenience. You can place an AR game in a booth so that people who are looking for other things to do in your party would go there and play. This will keep them from getting bored while other activities are happening simultaneously in your event.

In this light, you may opt for smaller scale AR games, or link them with tangible outputs, such as a video clip of their game or photos of them playing (similar to photobooths/video booths).

  1. Seminars.

Seminars are also big events but their audiences are often required to interact and mingle with each other. AR games help them achieve these goals without feeling awkward, especially when they are teamed together as players.

You may opt to choose group-based AR games with interactive mechanics and navigation designs to entice your participants to play, as even though they don’t win they get to experience a great time while getting to know each other.

  1. Birthday parties.

Birthday parties are definitely among the top events wherein you can place AR games on board. You can come up with games that are dedicated to the birthday celebrant and allow an individual or team players to join. AR games in this setting can be a replacement for other traditional games, as they bring together physical and mental play but in a new, interactive realm.

When setting up AR games in children’s parties, make sure that your players are in a safe environment because they may end up getting hurt or experience accidents as these games still require physical interaction.

  1. Product placements.

Are you introducing a new brand or product to a specific market? If this is your objective, then you may have a custom AR game setup that features your brand and product. This will allow your audiences to virtually experience that item you are promoting without the need for the actual product or service to be provided.

This works for sneak peek/previews of brands and products, as not only are they cost-effective, they also give your market an experience of the product itself.

Interactive gaming has never been this dynamic, as the goal of AR is not only to bridge virtual and physical realities but to give its players a real experience of the virtual environment. You may want to utilize these games in your events as not only your guests would have fun, they also get to experience something unique, something they would talk about and something they would cherish in their memory.

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