Make better memories and amplify your event’s exposure on social media with the one-of-a-kind 360 Selfie Philippines by Waveplay’s 360 Selfie.

Waveplay’s 360 Selfie is the newest, coolest, trending interactive event activity and one of the best forms of immersive media and augmented reality in the Philippines that can be custom made for your brand!

This 360 camera experience starts the moment an individual (or a group of 4, max) steps on the podium and decides on a pose. Then with the 360 Camera Selfie bot rotating 360° around you, you can either stay still or move around, showing all your best sides. Once you’re done, check your video, send it to your email and get ready to post it on your social media accounts for the world to see! It’s that simple.

Check out Enrique Gil, Anne Curtis, and Janella Salvador’s 360 Selfies as they enjoy their fair share of the awesome 360 camera experience.

The 360 Selfie is one of the best ways to widen your brand reach and market awareness. It’s also very customizable. From the logos, special effects, end tags and the email copy, you can totally make this into a very effective marketing tool.

Cool, trendy, user-friendly and much more, 360 Selfie‘s 360 camera experience is definitely the way to go in making your events more successful, interactive, memorable, and viral!
To know more about how we can create a trend-worthy event with 360 Selfie in the Philippines, call us now at 5060617 and get ready to go viral!