The Waveplay Digital Puppet Technology is inspired by the Live 3D puppet attractions used in world class theme parks.

Nestea Digital Plunge to Pledge 

Jasmine Curtis Smith does the digital #PlungetoPledge Challenge for La Union!

Another exciting interactive activity fulfilled by Waveplay– the Interactive Climbing Wall, which became one of the highlights for Unilab’s Bayanihan Day 2017!

360 Selfie: The newest, coolest trending interactive event activity in the Philippines custom made for your brand!

Benby Commitment Mural

Create an interactive digital backdrop your guests will bring to life!

The first of its kind in the Philippines to combine a 360 degree Selfie experience with augmented reality effects. Trend on social media with 360 Selfie!

Give your guests a creative Boomerang inspired experience complete with Augmented Reality effects ready for posting to their social media accounts!

LoopAR – Create Boomerang type videos with Augmented Reality effects to communicate your brand, ready for sharing to social media!

Delight AR Dance Game

Let your guests experience being immersed into a game-environment while dancing with your endorsers.

Dolan Speedy Punch

Fight Fever and Pain like a Superhero with Dolan Speedy Punch Game!


Different Greenwich markets competing against each other per round. Greenwich people are so much fun! It was adrenaline pumping just watching them play.

Gardenia Sandwich Maker

Create your own Gardenia Sandwich and munch on it, too!

Krispy Kreme Augmented Reality Game

A life size Krispy Kreme emoji game? Why not!

Custom Virtual Reality

Immerse your consumers into your brand. Make them experience your product/service in an engaging way through custom made VR.

Lancaster Go!

A highly interactive and entertaining real estate tour experience inspired by the latest trend, Pokemon Go! Catch them all to be the highest scorer of the day!

Hole in the Wall Photobooth

Inspired by the popular game show “Hole in the Wall”, guests will copy the pose being shown on screen as close as they can for a limited amount of time.

Safeguard Virtual Marathon

Let your consumers immerse in your brand through Waveplay’s custom made interactive games!

Chromaless Photobooth

With Waveplay Interactive’s Chromaless Photobooth, you can transform your guests into any environment without green screen backdrop so passers-by can see the interactivity.

Sky Alive Floor Projection

Interactive floor projections? No problem! Let’s turn your event venue floor alive incorporating your very own concept.

Product Mock Up as Controller

Kinect Superhero Game

The video above is an example of a custom Kinect game we created to catch the attention of students and in a recruitment campaign.. in a fun way.

Downy Instaswitch

Awesome interactive activity by Downy Scent Switcher! Check out this cool ‪#‎instaswitch‬ experience by Ms. Bianca Gonzales and see how you can create your own interactive video too.

Boogie Me Dancing Photobooth (Customized)

Through Boogie Me, we can create a fully customized, fully branded video for your event or activation starring your very own guests.

Custom Touch Screen Games

Custom cute and girly Touch Screen Game deployed for Safeguard Pink. Game and touch screen by Waveplay Interactive Inc.

PLDT Fibr Touch Screen LED

Kinect Custom Ice Crush Game

Red Horse Logo Sound Meter

Waveplay Interactive Sound Triggered Display at Red Horse Muziklaban

EB Barangay

Chowking Chow Pao Winema

Eat Bulaga Kaliwa o Kanan

Yahoo Purple Hunt

Waveplay in the Yahoo Purple Hunt 2011!

Chanting Game

Cemex Interactive Booth

PANA Youth Congress

Last October 7, We were presented at the 2nd PANA Youth Congress at Ateneo’s Irwin Theater. To pump up the crowd prior to the start of the afternoon session, the student delegates enjoyed the Waveplay games which featured the events’ sponsors’ logos.

Interactive Digital Puppetry

22nd Ad Congress Plenary

Through the help of our dear professors from DLSU, Sir Jones Campos and Sir Anlex Basilio, and PANA, Waveplay Interactive made thousands of delegates in the 22nd Ad Congress wave their hands up in the air through Waveplay’s interactive audience advergaming technology.

Winema Interactive Cinema

Digital Raffle