Interactive Motion Gaming and Augmented Reality Marketing Services

Games can serve as great tools for marketing and advertising not only because they are entertaining and can easily capture attention, but also because they tap into people’s innate competitiveness and natural desire for rewards, making them more effective for marketing.

Interactive motion games can be regarded as one of the newest effective ways to attract potential customers because it provides the target market with a whole new opportunity to explore and connect with the brand through gestures.

The Benefits of Availing Our Services

Our interactive displays and motion games, augmented reality AR photobooths, and other types of services have been used for trade events, foyer activities, corporate events, school activations, sales rallies, mall activations, and much more. Our Waveplay group motion game was even utilized by the popular Philippine noontime show Eat Bulaga for their interactive audience game called Kaliwa o Kanan Wave Wave Wave Win Win Win. Moreover, our creations have also been used in Winema, the first interactive cinema in the Philippines, as well as in the Philippine Ad Congress plenary.

These advanced technologies and augmented reality Philippines have opened up great opportunities for marketers to gain a competitive advantage. So what can you expect from our interactive services?

  • User-friendly – We make sure to create fun interactions that are not complicated but easy to enjoy.
  • Novelty – With the many capabilities of our various technologies and our thirst to keep coming up with new ideas, you are sure that your interactive activity will be unique, innovative, and viral-worthy.
  • Full Support from Start to Finish – We can help conceptualize your interactive activity, produce a CUSTOM MADE content, and mount the interactive activity for your event with our complete equipment. We also accommodate simultaneous runs.
  • Catchy – With our many experiences in events, we pride ourselves in providing services that people line up for and gather a lot of passers by’s attention.
  • Recall – With a fun, interactive, and engaging way to communicate your key message, the experience becomes unforgettable!

Avail Our Services Today!

By availing the services of Waveplay Interactive Inc., you will be able to inject a fun element into your events/activations. This playful element can add a sense of excitement for your potential customers.

We at Waveplay Interactive Inc. are dedicated to helping our clients produce a below the line campaign that is more impactful and memorable. Our company has collaborated with the country’s leading ad agencies, event groups, and brands from different industries like Consumer Goods, Personal Care, Healthcare, Construction, Banking, Telecommunications, Technology, Fast Food, Beverages, The Web, and TV Production. So if you want to reach your customers in a fun and unforgettable way, we can definitely help you. Let us be your interactive supplier! You may reach us through +63 (2) 506-0617 and +63 (917) 541-1516.


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