Caption Cam for Nike

Catch the Slime AR Game

Trace College x Copycam

Selfie Registration + Live Mosaic Mural

Gabbi & Khalil GlamShot Infinity

Runway Studio in Singapore

Copycam x Jadine

Running Man

Copycam x Cosmo Beauty Con

Giant Scratch Card

Holo Foto x Jadine

Pond's x Sketch to Life

Denim Walk at SM

DHL Sketch to Life

DHL Group Interactive Q&A

Stylist's Closet Runway Studio

Holcim Touch Screen Game

P&A Grant Thornton x Waveplay Group Motion

Globe x Mobile Legends A.R. Video Booth

Mall of Asia Cyber Hockey

Globe x Pride Land Bike Charger

Bayer Advantix Bug Slayer

Lion King Interactive Experience

Stranger Things 3 Punching Game

TopShop Play To Win

Globe 5G Digital Mosaic Mural

Globe 5G Future Home Wall Alive

GlamShot Infinity

GlamShot Infinity - Vice Ganda

GlamShot Infinity - Billy & Coleen

Runway Studio by 360 Selfie PH

Mcdonalds Ancient Temple Group Motion Game

SN Aboitiz Power Greenopolis Chanting Game

Dove Holo Foto

Outdoors by SM LoopAR (3 Scenes)

Bike Charger

McDonald's Wild River Group Rowing Game Fun Tech

WHO DOH Wall Alive

Vogue Cam Dance Video

Red Carpet Vogue Cam

GOT Ice and Fire Interactive Floor

Golden ABC GlamShot

Capt Marvel Holo GIF

Globe x Captain Marvel LoopAR

Holo Foto: #MegRatedZ Holo Foto

Holo Foto Neon Series

Trends Sound Game

Digital Events: Unicef Sketch to Life feat Gary V

Games and Interactive Activities: Unicef Wall Alive

Corn Ninja Augmented Reality Games

360 Selfie SloMo

Potato Corner Flavor Creator

Potato Corner Interactive Floor Fun Tech

Games and Interactive Activities: Nissan Waveplay Group Motion Game

Largecade Supersized Fun Tech for SM Fairview

LoveKorea AR Photo Booth

Avengers Infinity War x Globe Wall Alive

Augmented Reality: Metfone Cambodia AR Experience

Interactive Events: Nurture the Future Color Wall

#ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Wall Alive

Mountain Dew Interactive Climbing Wall

Shop 'Til You Drop Motion Game for SM City Cebu

SM Fairview Hit the Sale Throw Wall

Angry Birds Throw Wall

Bonakid Digital Puppet

Ant Man and The Wasp Shrinking Video Booth

Cadbury Lickables Alien Run Sound Game

PLDT Wall Alive

Presidential Car Museum Wall Alive

Asia Pop Comic Con 2018 180 Selfie

Dinos Alive! AR Experience

C2 Summer Interactive Motion Vendo!

Digicon Wall Alive

Globe At Home ✖ DisneyLife ✖ Wall Alive

SM Fairview x Sketch to Life

Nat Geo x Globe Telecom x Sketch To Life

SM Love and Luck Wall Alive

Black Panther ✖️ LoopAR

Games and Interactive Activities: Für Die Freiheit x Wall Alive

Glamshot Video Booth: Stargazer GlamShot

Interactive Technology: LoopAR x SM Supermalls

Digital Events: Custom Wall Alive with Digital Host

Interactive Technology: SM Jingle App Search #HereAtSM on Facebook to see sample outputs

Cadbury Sketch to Life Motion Wall

SM Store Virtual Pool

Philam Life Waveplay Group Motion Game

Sketch to Life Minions Birthday by Waveplay

Sketch to Life Digital Guestbook and Commitment Mural

Motion Activated Vendo

Motion Activated Interactive Vendo

Dolan Speedy Punch

Delight AR Dance feat Nino and Alonzo Muhlach

Gardenia Sandwich Maker

Waveplay Digital Puppet

Stranger Things Bike Game

Interactive Climbing Wall

Berocca Giant Tetris

G-Active LoopAR

Pinoy Henyo Catching Game

2018 Eddy Awards Glamshot by 360 Selfie

360 Selfie: NBA x 360 Selfie

360 Selfie Video Booth: 360 Selfie Booth Philippines - Shangri La Plaza

360 Selfie: Nadine slaying her Whisper 360 Selfie

360 Selfie

Miniso Interactive Floor

Colgate Plax Mouthwash x LoopAR Chromaless Videobooth

Colgate Slimsoft Advanced x LoopAR Chromaless Videobooth

Miss Universe 2016 LoopAR

Games and Interactive Activities: Globe x ROS Motion Shooting Game

Dolce Amore Chromaless Photobooth

HITW Photobooth Faces Blurred for Privacy

Lancaster Go!

Nestea Digital Plunge to Pledge Challenge

Shout Out to Love Sound Game

Cyberzone Dash Interactive Game + Photobooth

Games and Interactive Activities: Holcim Product as Controller

Krispy Kreme Augmented Reality Game

Interactive Technology: Marks and Spencer Interactive Floor

Augmented Reality Ice Crush Game

Inter School Superhero Game using Kinect

Downy Instaswitch Motion Based Activity

Safeguard Virtual Marathon

Custom Touch Screen Games

Giant Tablet Touch Screen LED Wall

Boogie Me I Love You Sabado

Greenwich Pizza Topper

Kids interacting with Digital Puppet

Cemex Interactive Booth

Chanting Game

Eat Bulaga: Kaliwa o Kanan

EB Barangay

Digital Raffle

Waveplay in Ad Congress